• Events and Shows
  • May28th

    Aurora Gallery welcomes artist Mark Anderson for June’s show.
    Mark paints in oils with a “plein air” style both landscape and still life. He has painted new work for this show, which opens during Downtown Vancouver’s First Friday Art Walk on Friday, June 4th, 2010.  The show will feature still life miniatures and local scenery landscapes.

    Mark has enjoyed painting landscapes  from many places he has lived but has focused on the Northwest for this special show of work.

    First Friday Art Walk: June 4th from 5-9 pm
    Artist reception with refreshments and live music from 6-8 pm.

  • May4th

    Phyllis CorwinAurora Gallery will open May’s show on Friday, May 7th, 2010 with original art work by Phyllis Corwin. Phyllis’s work is an artistic wonder of photorealistic portrayals of the animal kingdom. The “Big Cats” are painted in such detail you would guess they are photographs. But Phyllis has such skill in laying down the pastel on board; you can’t take your eyes off them. Phyllis is a professional, local painter whose work is shown year-round at the Aurora Gallery. This special collection of new work will be available in May from the 7th through the 29th.

     Also in May, Aurora Gallery will introduce an emerging photographer Zack Schwartz. Zack is a world traveler andZack Schwartz photographer whose work gives you a unique glimpse into other cultures.  His current body of work consists of wildlife from Tasmania and New Zealand, the Australia Outback, Fijian Natives, Falkland Island penguins, and other adventures experienced during his exotic travels. It’s a breathtaking collection of work that takes you all over the world. 

     This show will open May 7th, 2010 for the First Friday Art Walk, and will run through May 29th.
    Join us during the First Friday Art Walk, May 7th, for refreshments and music from 6-8 pm.

  • March24th

    April 2nd, 2010 is First Friday Art Walk.New work by artist Peter Miller
    The upcoming exhibit at Aurora Gallery will include new work by Peter Miller. Peters “Cast Shadows” series continues with new paintings. Cast Shadows is a artistic study of adolescence. Peters paintings depict emotions that our children encounter daily. One of Peters new paintings named “We Builds Walls Around Ourselves” is pictured at right.

    New work by Bev Jozwiak will also be featured. Bev is one of the most popular local talents from from Vancouver. SheNew work by artist Bev Jozwiak paints full time in her home studio. “The Calico Cupboard” Bev’s newest piece is pictured at right.

    Peter Miller and Bev Jozwiak’s work as well as new work by other gallery artists will be featured April 2 – April 30th,  2010.

    First Friday art walk  and reception is Friday April 2nd 2010.
    Live Music by Two Rivers and refreshments from 6-8 pm.

  • March24th

    The Washington State School for the Blind art exhibit continues through March 30th at Aurora Gallery. Blind students that study art at the school show their work which includes fused glass, sculpture and paintings. The students also offer personal opinions on what art means to them in the form of poetry.  The display is presented interactively so the sighted people can read the commentary and see the art and the blind have the option of experiencing the exhibit in brail and touch. Kim Johnson is the students art teacher.

  • January26th

    Opening on February 5th 2010,  Aurora Gallery will present two artists.  Local artisan Jeweler Pat La Croix will be featured in February. A special trunk show will be the highlight of art walk on First Friday Feb. 5th from 5- 9 pm. Pat uses semiprecious stones and sterling silver and gold to create her one of a kind pieces.  The trunk show will consist of hundreds of hand made pieces at special prices. Pat’s jewelry case is always full of new designs year round at Aurora Gallery.

    Also featured in February will be Barbara Kaempf Matkowski, mixed media painter. Barbara’s pieces are embellished with metal, fabric and photography. Barbara creates collage like paintings with layers of paint  in a contemporary abstract style. Many of Barbara’s pieces are large or multiple piece sets. Barbara has many new pieces in the Gallery for February’s show all with special pricing.

    February’s show will be featured the 5th through the 27th.