Aurora Gallery Fine Art and Custom Framing
  • May20th

    For the month of June Aurora Gallery will be featuring original collages by artist Sharon Nelson. She constructs her collages with hand painted pieces of paper, found objects, and adding embellished designs. Nelson works to create her collages by adding, subtracting, positioning, and rearranging until she is satisfied with the composition.

    The opening will be on June 7th, 2019 from 5-9pm for First Friday Art Walk. Join us at Aurora Gallery to meet the artist and learn more about her collage processes.

    Rosemary by Sharon Nelson
  • April18th

    John Kay will be the featured artist for the month of May showcasing his series titled: “From Barcelona to Portland Urban Works”. John is an artist that focuses on bridging the gap between photography and fine art in a new unique way. After several years of darkroom black and white photography, John decided to incorporate colorful torn posters to create decollages. The abandoned left-for-dead fragments of posters come together as one piece, only subtracting and adding nothing. They are meant to represent the process of living, dying and transformation.

  • April2nd

    A couple of weeks ago Aurora Gallery hosted a one day only Tea Bag Pop-Up Shop. We received 67 pieces of teabag art from 24 different artists. Because of the popularity of the show, we have decided to extend the show and hang the teabag art pieces in the galleries hallway. The extended show will deput on June 7th, 2019 for June’s First Friday Art Walk.

    Dreams by Jolene Schilling

  • March20th

    Rockin Raven by Mary Arnold

    The Vancouver Branch of the Surface Design Association will be featured at Aurora Gallery for the month of April. The opening reception will be April 5, 2019 5-9pm on First Friday Art Walk. SDA will show a diverse range of fiber-based art including fiber vessels and wall hangings. Members showing their work include: Mary Arnold, Bonnie Bucknam, Maris Cavanagh, Donna Joslyn, Sally Sellers, Sharon Svec, Karen Turner and Marie Murphy Wolfe.

    The Surface Design Association is a national organization dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of textile-inspired art and design. The Vancouver Branch formed in 2016 and has been meeting bi-monthly ever since to share, inspire and grow an appreciation for surface design and textiles. This will be the premiere exhibition of their works.

    Let’s Talk…Please! by Marie Wolfe
  • February22nd

    Reflections and Refractions of Nature: An Exploration by Two Artists

    Loren Nelson shares an exploration of nature with his striking black and white photographs. Nelson was inspired by the oak groves of the Willamette Valley and in the show you will see some of the work he has done for the Oak Accord. The Oak Accord is a voluntary conservation agreement by landowners in the Willamette Valley to protect and restore the native oak habitat on their property.

    Ann Cavanaugh continues this exploration of nature in glass. Using Loren’s photos as well as other images for inspiration, she captures colors and textures of nature in her fused pieces. As an artist Ann has always been drawn to the depth and complexity that was possible by building layers of glass into translucent images of amazing emotional power.